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Last Minute, but Not Last Place: 5 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

5 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Wait, what? Pause. Yes, Valentine’s Day is literally right around the corner! I know, I know… It’s okay! I got you, don’t worry. It’s hard to plan something when we’ve got so much adulting to do. But luckily for you, I have a list of five last minute Valentine’s Day date ideas that will make it seem like you’ve been planning this night for months. (Feel free to pay me in chocolate)

Cook a Romantic Meal Together

Crank out the savory sauces and romantic rhythms while you and your valentine create a delicious dish for you to enjoy. Light the candles, exchange sweet nothings over the meal, and if you’ve ever wanted to re-enact the famous spaghetti scene from, “Lady and the Tramp,” now is your chance.

Enjoy a Night on the Town

All dressed up and nowhere to go? Not anymore! Put on your snazziest clothes, hit the town, and try out that new restaurant that you both have been dying to try. Finish the evening off with a nice moonlit stroll, hand-in-hand and stop somewhere sweet for dessert.

Have a Picture-Perfect Picnic

Take your Valentine out for a nice evening picnic… but don’t forget your camera! While on your picnic, take sweet snapshots of you and your Valentine, get the pictures developed, place them in frames, decorate them and exchange them as Valentine’s Day gifts. You know what they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words!” Why not give them words that make their heart flutter?

Enjoy a Comfy Night in

Order a heart-shaped pizza and buy all the goodies! Calories don’t count today! Pop in a movie (of your Valentine’s choice) and spend a nice evening, comfy, cozy and content. Fill out valentines to each other and exchange them!

Do Something Spontaneous!

Take an,“unexpected,” road trip! Well, unexpected for them, but not unexpected for you! (Remember, you’ve been planning this night since forever, even if you just started planning it yesterday.) As your gift, present your valentine with a weekend getaway bag! Have them pack it, and tell them you have a surprise adventure that awaits them during the upcoming weekend! Where are you going? Well, you definitely want to plan that out, but once you do, make sure to check out all the fun places the city has to offer. Maybe take a trip to the beach or a fast-moving city or somewhere to show off your super-cool dance moves! Or hey, stop at, “The Chapel,” in Vegas to really make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. After all, it is Valentine’s Day. And if you’re married, I’m sure Elvis would love to be there while you and your valentine renew your vows. Don’t get all shook up now!


Don’t these sound fun? These date ideas might be last minute, but they definitely won’t leave you in last place! They are fun and easy and I know your valentine will appreciate the effort put into making this Valentine’s Day one of the best, if not THE best! Remember, it’s the quality-time spent together that really matters.


Have a happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget to pay me my chocolate!

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