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Crated With Love
Pasta and Puzzles Feature-01
Crated with Love Pasta and Puzzle Date NightPuzzle Pasta Love!

Puzzles and Pasta


Some studies show that strong, healthy relationships can even help your brain! With that in mind, we bring you our Puzzles and Pasta box which focuses on stimulating your noggins as a couple. We start the night off by helping you create a fun, romantic dinner followed by some fun activities to help build your problem solving skills! This box is hosted by the Pasta Shoppe!

Relationship Focus: Finding the Hidden Romance

Here’s a secret, you can find romance in almost any day to day activity! All it takes is a little creativity! In addition to strengthening your brain, this box helps teach you and your significant other how to find that hidden romance through some romantic puzzles and games.

Allergen Info: Box contains pasta. Please read package’s ingredients before consumption.

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